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                Form Follows Function:
   Figure 7.
Figure 8.
  Figure 9.
Figure 10.
      The striking phase of the right front leg begins with the contact of the toenails with the ground, followed by the toe pads and then the larger or communal pad. As the foot is placed on the ground this obvi- ously ends the swinging phase for this leg and begins its striking phase. (Figure 7)
Figure 11.
Figure 13.
The leg begins to move over the foot, thus shifting the weight of the body forward. (Figures 8 and 10)
The final part of the striking phase of the right foreleg is the push off. As the front foot moves under the dog, it passes u nder the front assembly and extends
Figure 12.
Figure 14.
underneath the body to grip the ground and start the cycle again. For the final thrust, the pads lift first, the toe pads and finally the nails dig in to the ground to give that final push, lifting the foot from the ground and into the swinging phase. (Figures 11–14)
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