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 The timing of Ashley’s call could not have been more perfect. The Carolina Foot- hill Classic Dog Shows would be the next week, four days of shows, 2,400 entries and 179 breeds would be represented for the Piedmont and Greenville Kennel Clubs’ shows. I suggested that she invite her 4-H members to come to our show.
Even on such short notice a group of 11 came. The young people were between the ages of 6 to 14. Here was another fantastic opportunity to engage and inspire youth to participate in AKC events. Again President Jeanette Stribling and Show Chair Kris Harner jumped into to action. After Obedi- ence Chair Thecla Tyner spoke to the group at the Obedience and Rally rings, AKC Delegate Gloria Askins toured the group around our huge show building to see Con- formation judging and all of our many ven- dors. They also got to see and learn all about AKC Reunite as our Trailer was on display at the show. AKC’s Barbara Ohmann was a 4-H member herself. She delighted in tell- ing our visitors about AKC’s world of activi- ties. Then she adorned them with colorful
AKC bandanas. The visit was a great suc- cess! Ashley has already invited our club to be a part of two more 4-H Dog Shows.
The mission of 4-H is to engage youth to reach their fullest potential while advanc- ing the field of youth development. The US based organization was founded in 1902 in Clark County, Ohio. It boasts nearly 6.5 million active participants from ages 5 to 21. There are more than 25 million alumni including, not only previously mentioned AKC’s Barbara Ohmann, but my brother Roy Ayers, Jr. and me.
The meaning of the 4-H pledge is the following:
I pledge my
Head to clearer thinking
Heart to greater loyalty
Hands to larger service
Health to better living for my club, my
community, my country and my world
In the past some thought of 4-H as an agriculturally focused organization. Today’s participants also focus on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering and technology programs. It is easy to see how
GKC Past President Dawn Demeaux invited lifelong family friends to participate in their first dog show event.
youth blessed to be able to participate turn out to be well our rounded leaders of tomorrow.
With the 4-H slogan being “Learn by doing” and a motto “To make the best bet- ter”, it is great to learn that we have oppor- tunities to partner with these exceptional young people.
Many active participants in our dog world today got their start through par- ticipating in 4-H activities when they were growing up. In the coming months I look forward to sharing some of their lives with you. If you have a 4-H story to share, please contact me through my website
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