Page 218 - ShowSight - August 2019
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Just as the telephone directory became a necessity for households back in the 1930’s
to find local products and services, the new digital transformation has caused more than 97% of consumers to go online to find what they are looking for. If you want them to find you then you need to be online – meaning you need a website.
And this is why we are passionate about what we do, because we know that in helping you secure a web presence we are also helping secure the future of our purebred dog community.
- As a member of this community, we are providing a way for you to obtain a custom- built website at exclusively reduced rates!
- Creating a platform that promotes the breed you love and responsible dog ownership.
- Allowing you a way to obtain a powerful digital presence in order to be seen and stay relevant.
Through our many dog show publications, and the lasting relationships we’ve forged throughout the years with design clients, professional handlers, breeders, judges, superintendents and kennel clubs – our main goal has always remained the same – to
help strengthen and promote this wonderful community of people who’ve dedicated their lives to the showing, breeding and caring for quality purebred dogs.
216 • ShowSight Magazine, auguSt 2019

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