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                Bracco Italiano—a versatile sporting dog... Pointer, Hunter, Retriever & Show!
China Fleets Mr Big at Sentry J.H.
-Finished his Junior Hunt
Title in two consecutive weekends (not only an earned title, but actually hunts pheasants in WI!)
-After multiple BIS/FSS
during last 18 months Nigel goes BIS/MISC Group Saturday July 6th, (the first weekend after AKC MISC accepted). Thank you Johnny Shoemaker.
China Fleet’s Little Wing Cirocco
-Best in Open Show
  2019 BICA Nationals-RWD under Judge Dick Quaco.
Dale/Lisa Moller Sentry Kennels Portage, WI 608.617.9666
Rus De Vario Giotto
-RWD at Bracco Italiano Club of America National Specialty 2019 under Italian judge Riccardo Laschi
-RFK CH, Russian CH Russian, JR CH of Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania
April Burchfield & Marilyn Vinson
-Best Squirrel Hunter
April Burchfield & Marilyn Vinson
 You don't have to be ugly to hunt!
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