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                  Miscellanous Q & A
 “One thing I learned a long time ago with my first Laeken—always think outside the box—never limit your dog with your own insecurities.”
How is my breed faring in its quest for full recognition? Doing well, we have the numbers, but most owners aren’t interested in conformation, so meeting the ten CM requirement is going to be the most difficult part.
What activities I do with my dogs? My dogs get to try every- thing to see what they like best. So far, Lure Coursing and Agility seem to be my girl’s favorites.
Do I show in other registries? I occasionally show at UKC and IABCA. I usually enter a UKC show to practice for an upcoming AKC show.
Would I breed more litters if we were fully recognized by AKC? I don’t know if that would make my flavor of Dutch Shepherd more popular. The Rough-haired variety is the most fun of the three, but most people don’t think of Dutch Shepherds as a companion animal. In the USA there is a lot of focus on protection sports, when actually, the Dutch breed club’s educational materials state they are a companion and herder foremost.
The funniest thing that I’ve experienced at a dog show? I pulled a tendon on the “down and back” and needed somebody to finish showing my dog. A friend was there and took over for me showing my bitch running in her flip flops. Of course I was in too much pain to even notice at the time.
Another friend and I have a running joke about Chihuahuas, but I don’t know if I should tell you about that. The standard Dutch Shepherd is a friendly dog, still protective, but I’ve had children clamoring about my bitch and she hardly notices. However, people are still afraid of the breed because of large number of bridle sport- bred dogs in this country. We were scheduled to show at 8 am on a Sunday morning, and the show committee got a complaint from a Chihuahua exhibitor because we were using the same ring. It must be difficult owning a tiny dog like that, however, I know at least four people who own both Dutch Shepherds and a Chihuahua.
I live in North Carolina and I’m a CBD industrial hemp farmer.
How is my breeding faring in its quest for full Recognition? Full AKC recognition is imperative for the breed to be successful in the US. I am also a breeder of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, the Pequenos have been in AKC since 2013 and we still get asked what breed the dog is. Many people do not know the Pequeno very well but when there are in televised shows, like Westminster, we always get calls after those show because they have seen them on TV. If the Podengo Medio/Grande, both wire and smooth, were seen on TV more people would become interested in the breed. They are great dogs and most do well in a family environment. But they can be a challenging. They definitely need training, especially recall.
What activities I do with my dogs: I mostly show in conforma- tion but I’m starting coursing and maybe scent work.
Do I show in other registries? Sometimes I show in UKC.
Would I breed more litters if we were fully recognized by AKC? Yes, right now it has been very hard to place Medio or Grande pups. But the wire coat ones, for some reason, are usually more in demand. I raise the smooth coat medio. They are beautiful and elegant dogs.
The funniest thing that I’ve experienced at a dog show? While outside a ring and talking with a judge about the breed the male
pup I was showing decided to hike his leg and pee on the judges leg. It was funny but also very embarrassing. Luckily I got him stopped before it was too bad.
The PP medio is a great size for someone who doesn’t want a small dog and doesn’t want a big heavy breed, with the avg. height 18” or so and usually 25 to 30 lbs they easily fit in with most fami- lies. So contact a Podengo breeder and help support getting these dog into full AKC recognition.
On a side note the powers that be in AKC really need to make the process easier for breeds to be fully recognized. This breed and many others are centuries old and are shown all over the world, AKC should be welcoming new breeds that are already in foreign registries. We are NOT A DOODLE.
I live in a small town of Newton, North Carolina. I am President of the American Belgian Laekenois Association—the AKC Parent Club for the Belgian Laekenois. As such, a large percentage of my time is working with the other club officers in gaining full recog- nition for the Belgian Laekenois. Then you count in all the fun performance sports a Laekenois owner can do with their dogs— Agility, Rally, Obedience, Herding, Scent Work, Tracking, Barn Hunts, Lure Coursing and Fast Cat, Dock Diving, tricks, Therapy, IPO work—you name it and this breed can do it! Then when I have spare time on my hands,I garden, travel, bake, read and enjoy the company of friends and family.
I’ll be the first to say—the road to full AKC recognition has been an uphill journey for the Laekenois and ABLA members. I am so very thankful for those members—those who have been into the Belgian Laekenois for years as well as our newer members who have thrown their love and devotion for the breed into the effort. They have not worked in vein—as the Laekenois are on the very cusp of being fully recognized and moved into the Herding group.
What activities do I do with my dogs? It’s easier to answer what I don’t do with my dogs! The breed is versatile and able to do any- thing you ask of them. One thing I learned a long time ago with my first Laeken—always think outside the box—never limit your dog with your own insecurities. I had the honor of having the first Laekenois to ever do Barn Hunt as well as the first Laeken to Dock Dive I could also “send” my girl out into a pond to retrieve a floating object on a directed retrieve.
Do I show in other registries? I used to show in UKC and prob- ably still would if they had more shows and performance events in the area that I live in.
Would I breed more litters if I was fully recognized by AKC? More litters will be whelped in the US when the breed is fully rec- ognized. The demand for such a versatile breed will increase once the secret of the fourth Belgian is out. Breeders will have to be diligent in producing healthy, intelligent, sound puppies produced from parents with good health clearances. We have to do our best to preserve the standard of the breed. It will be the integrity of ethical breeders that will preserve the heritage of the Belgian Laekenois.
The funniest and yet the most alarming was at a multi venue trial—I came back to my crated dog, only to find a two to three year old in the crate with her. Dyna had never been around small
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