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                Miscellanous Q & A
intelligence, athleticism, and work ethic. They derive much joy and satisfaction in working, and pleasing their owner.
Do I show in other registries? No. There are no area UKC shows that are open to Belgians.
Would I breed more litters if we were fully recognized by AKC? The breed being fully recognized would not be enough to compel me to breed a litter. We were always hobby breeders and produced litters only when we had sound reasons to produce puppies for our- selves. It will be a wonderful thing when the breed is finally recog- nized, and Laekenois will be eligible for more opportunities and titles in AKC competition.
The funniest thing that I’ve experienced at a dog show? Not Laekenois related, but pretty funny none the less. Our English import and foundation Irish Wolfhound bitch resented being shown and cooperated begrudgingly. Her favorite person was my cousin, a tall redhead. Cameron would do her best to hide from Lulu and peek at her being shown from a distance. Without fail Lulu would find any redhead in the crowd of spectators and lock eyes woefully while my cousin did her best to hide. Lulu was quite the actress.
I live near Huntsville, Alabama. What do I do outside of dogs? Nothing really, as I was a certified award winning groomer by trade, dogs have always been my life. Now I’m retired—they still give me hope for the future.
How is my breed faring in its quest for full recognition? The Russian Toy is enjoying a slow steady growth with a dedicated group that truly loves this unique toy breed. The long coat variety is more popular but the smooth coat is the most comical.
What activities do I do with my dogs? The Russian Toy is super smart, has a zest for life and has a retained prey drive. They are comical and have a bit of an attention deficit. They become bored easily and can be a challenge but really enjoy fast paced activities, such as lure coursing and agility. They are excellent for therapy work, great at scent work and did I say fast?! Yes they love to run. Being disabled, many of my toys have self taught themselves useful tasks to help me out....such as alerting when someone knocks, when alarms go off etc., retrieving—one even alerts when I have a sleep apnea problem. But general comforting companions are their forte!
Do I show in other registries? In the past prior to AKC accep- tance, yes. Once the Open Shows were implemented, nothing but AKC events.
Would I breed more litters if we were fully recognized by AKC? No! I am a generational breeder and only breed for myself, friends and the preservation of the breed. My preference is to help others with importing other quality dogs to help with the diversity of our very small gene pool.
The funniest thing that I’ve experienced at a dog show? Years ago (in the 70s) I was watching the Working group while waiting for BIS competition, as the group was all moving together, an old- er lady showing a Samoyed, had her underwear come down. She never missed a beat—stepped right out of them and the Siberian Husky behind her picked them up shaking them as they all con- tinued to move. The crowd roared and laughter echoed throughout the audience.
Thank you for letting me share some of my experiences with your magazine audience. I have been involved with the Russian Toy for 15 years. I am considered the mother of the breed here in the USA. Not the first to have the breed but its beginnings towards AKC recognition started with me. This year I was surprised and honored by the club with being named its first Breeder of the year 2018. My humble and heartfelt memories that I shared had every- one in tears—tears of joy from someone who truly loves these guys to the moon!
I live in Rathdrum, Idaho. I am a certified professional groomer and trainer. Dogs are what I do outside of dogs.
How is my breed faring in its quest for full recognition? We are not as far along as I would have hoped for two years after entering the Misc class.
What activities do I do with my dogs? We train in what is cur- rently known as IGP, aka Schutzhund, which includes tracking, obedience and protection. We also have dabbled in herding, shed hunting, nose work, agility, dock diving, coursing, and trick train- ing. The Dutch Shepherd is an incredibly active and versatile breed that can do just about any activity.
Do I show in other registries? We are just getting our feet wet with showing in IABCA.
Would I breed more litters if I was fully recognized by AKC? Probably not. We are focusing on quality and improving the breed, so our decisions to breed are based on the access to quality breeding stock.
The funniest thing that I ever experienced at a dog show? We are only just starting to show, so I have yet to build my log of funny experiences. I am sure it won’t take long though!
I live in Buffalo, Minnesota—just a little west of Minneapolis. I am a retired Special Education Teacher, I sub and also judge in AKC and IABCA.
How is my breed faring in its quest for full recognition? We have a couple of bumps in the road where rules change and we have been working toward one set of criteria and then the criteria changes.
What activities I do with my dogs? Personally I have shown in AKC conformation, UKC, IABCA, Coursing, LGRA, NOTRA, etc. In addition if there is something new I will take a dog and try it.
Do I show in other registries? Yes, I do as in other registries we can compete for real titles. In AKC once a MISC breed moves to regular status—we have to start all over with zero points.
Would I breed more litters if we were fully recognized by AKC? Almost every conversation for people interested in the breed starts with “when will you get into the hound group” and then—well when you are closer we’ll get one. Unlike Poodles or Pugs that peo- ple know—we have to deal with a 40–70 pound dog that no one has ever heard of so a lot of what we do is to get visibility and educating the public and judges. My first litter of Grande Smooth I had 11 puppies of a big dog that no one had heard of. A challenge.
The funniest thing that I’ve experienced at a dog show? That is a toss up. I am well known for three stories in Basenjis. One is the second time I ever stepped in the ring the judge had us running so much that the last go around my pantyhose slid down to my knees so I couldn’t move (I did however win breed). Earlier that morn- ing the same judge indicated that she could not see my male pup- pies boy parts and I should make them drop. Had not a clue how to make them drop. Another incident involved being chased by a squirrel in the ring where I ended up breaking both ankles jumping out of its way.
I bought my first Mudi in 2008 and now have nine, five as a result of breedings with one of more of my own dogs. I just whelped my first litter of second generation Flyaway Farm Mudis this April.
I have been involved in Judges Education at an increasing rate over the last two years and especially now that the breed has moved to the Miscellaneous Group. AKC judge Kitty Steidel has organized a Judges Education event at the Golden Gate KC show the last few years for FSS breeds and invited me to present the Mudi. Only
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