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                Elegant • Graceful • Opulent
  Not just another pretty face...
  The Porcelaine Hound is a gorgeous Scenthound originating in France primarily used for hunting small game and wild boar, tracking and recovering wounded game, Search & Rescue
and other performance activities.
Everywhere I go people ask “what kind of dog is that”? I tell them “A Porcelaine Hound” and people remark how
beautiful Margeaux is. We have been very fortunate in the show ring as well, winning multiple FSS Best In Shows and UKC Best In Shows. At UKC Premier,
Margeaux showed her stunning self very well and won a Scenthound Group 1! Sincerest appreciation to all the judges who have given us these honors.
Thank you.
    I look forward to more show ring and performance events with Margeaux, but there are many days when I just admire her beauty...
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