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                  Overdale Marquis
Ch. Prince Regent of Soham; owned by
Lady E. Windham Dawson. (Photo by W. Guiver)
beneath a mantle of hair, the general outline should be such as to suggest the existence of vigorous and well-proportioned body.
HEAD: Should be rather small and flat, not too prominent or round in the skull, rather broad at the muzzle, a perfectly black nose, the hair on the muzzle very long, which should be a rich deep tan, not sooty or grey. Under the chin, long hair, and about the same colour as the center of the head, which should be a bright, golden tan, and not on any account intermingled with dark or sooty hairs. Hair on the sides of the head should be very long, and a few shades deeper tan than the center of the head, especially about the ear-roots.
EYES: Medium in size, dark in colour, hav- ing a sharp, intelligent expression, and placed so as to look directly forward; they should not be prominent. The edges of the eye lids should also be of a dark colour.
EARS: Cut or uncut, if cut, quite erect, if not cut, to be small V – shaped and carried semi- erect, covered with short hair, colour to be a deep dark tan.
MOUTH: Good even mouth,, teeth as sound as possible. A dog having lost a tooth or two through accident, not the least objectionable, providing the jaws are even.
BODY: Very compact and a good loin, and level on the top of the back.
COAT: The hair as long and straight as possi- ble (not wavy), which should be glossy, like silk (not woolly), colour, a bright steel blue, extend- ing from the back of the head to the root of the tail, and on no account intermingled the with fawn, light, or dark hairs.
LEGS: Quite straight, which should be of a bright golden tan, and well covered with hair a few shades lighter at the ends than at the roots. FEET: As round as possible, toe nails black. TAIL: Cut to a medium length, with plenty of hair, darker blue in colour than the rest of the body, especially at the end of the tail, and car- ried a little higher than the level of the back. WEIGHT: Divided into two classes, viz; under five pounds and over five pounds, but not to exceed 12 pounds.
P.H. Coombs and M.A. Foster; Photos courtesy of The Yorkshire Terrier by S. Jessop
  Hopwood Camellia; owned by Miss E. Martin. (Photo by Morath’s Studios, Liverpool)
Dan Dee of Comer (age 12 months); owned by Mrs. B. P. Holliday. (Photo by J. Parkes Foy)
  Peona of Phylreyne; owned by Mrs. F. C. Raine. (Photo by Philip Pershke, Ltd.)
Ch. Spendour of Invincia; owned by Mrs. A. Swan.
  Ch. Wee Don of Atherleigh; owned by Mr. W. Hayes. (Photo by Kay and Foley Bolton)
Ch. Bradford Harry; owned by Mr. P. H. Coombs, Maine.
Ch. Starlight; owned by Mrs. V. Hargreaves.
   Ch. Vemair Parkview Preview; owned by Mrs. V. M. Mair. (Photo by Taylor Sunderland)
Ch. Kelsbro’ Minnie; owned by Mr. H. Cross. (Painting by Taylor)
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