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It’s hard work, putting on a dog show that has something for everyone. We all know we need to broaden our appeal to the general public in addition to keeping our core family happy. No one’s working harder at this than our friends at HKC.
The forty-second annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows at NRG Park, July 17-21, 2019, was probably their best yet. With a mindboggling schedule of events and a record-breaking amount of local media attention, HKC is making major strides in its quest to open our doors to more people than a standard All-Breed show normally sees. Granted, they have a world-class facility and a dog-loving community, but even so the work they’re doing is a template for success.
Check this out: Breed Rescue booths, De- signer Doghouse competition, Student Art Show, Canine Frisbee competition, Canine Mu- sical Freestyle event, AKC’s My Dog Can Do That, Breed Standard Grooming, Judges’ Semi- nars, Flyball, Obedience & Rally, Barn Hunt, Healthcare Clinic, Weight Pull, Meet The Breeds—not to mention an actual dog show— all make for an amazing experience for newcom- ers to our world and we veterans, too. I personally had a blast, in part due to one of the Club’s newest additions.
Rescues Have Talent is a competition open to all canines that have gotten a second chance for happiness. And happy they all seemed. Their owners shared their stories with the ringside crowd and to use the term heartwarming doesn’t really cut it. Suffice it to say, it was a moving experience. We had entries in all cate- gories: Best Vocalist, Cutest in Costume, Owner/Pet Lookalike, Best Trick, and everyone’s favorite, Best Butt Wiggler. (Onofrio’s Tim James, forced to announce the last event over the PA system, will never forgive us.) All in all, it was a wonderful experience.
Of course, the best part of a dog show, out-
side of watching the dogs, might just be the time
we spend with fellow fanciers. This trip I got to
visit with so many people that I enjoy im- mensely, hence, and this might some day be
used as Exhibit A, the photo above with four of my fa- vorites, the accomplished (not to mention attractive) Johnny Shoemaker, Jan Ritchie Gladstone, David Had- dock and Ev Gregory. Love you all.
And all of you, too. I send my deepest thanks and congratulations to Cluster Chair Tom Pincus and the Clubs for allowing me to be a small part of this huge, important event, and as always, my best wishes to my fellow dog lovers of all stripes;
Top photo courtesy the author
Center photos by Briana Monakino and Caitlin Vil- lalobos, BQR Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.
Photo right courtesy Rep. Crenshaw
Center Best Trick competition
Above: Rescues Have Talent fi- nals with judges (left) Show Chair Tom Pincus, U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw, local celebrity “Mattress Mack” (Jim McIngvale), and Houston PetTalk publisher Michelle Mantor
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