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AM GCH., CAN GCH., Now and Then
Watermark Cruisin at Kelkary
    Thank you Judge
Mr. James E. Noe!
  In 2019 with limited showing...
SCBCC, Specialty, Select Dog & BOS, Australian Breeder Judges, Linda & Jess Buckly Woofstock, NCBCF, Award of Merit, Swedish Breeder Judge Johan Andersson Multiple Selects, BOS, BOB Achieved his American Grand Champion
Breeder: Sylke Werner, Germany | Owner: Jan Osterbauer, Kelkary Bearded Collies Exclusive Handler: Lauren Hay-Lavitt | ASSISTED BY: BENJIE MARCUS
Proud Sponsor: Paul R. Price, Coomara Kennels, CKC Reg
    BEARDED COLLIE ShowSight Magazine, auguSt 2019 • 71

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