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11 Group 1 wins in 11 months MBISS RBIS GCHG CH Greta Master of the Night
 Shes’s the Top Banana!
 ©Ruediger Photography
Thank you renowned Judge Pat Trotter! We are also truly honored for the BISS win from international prestigious Judge Peggy Beissel-McIlwaine at ABA Independent Speciality Show! Our sincere appreciation and thank you to all judges who have recognized her fine type and quality.
  Owned by Jeff & Toni Donovan, Dr. Jaqueline Royce D.O., and Donna Butler Presented by Dr. Jacqueline Royce D.O. assisted by Handler Donna Butler
 *ShowSight Breed & All Breed Stats as of 9/30/19
 BULLMASTIFF ShowSight Magazine, noveMber 2019 • 215
                    Number One
Bullmastiff Bitch!*

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