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                WHO’S RUNNING THE SHOW?
EPISODE TWO: Wayne Ferguson cont’d.
  Do you pick up your judges or prefer them to rent cars or use ride share?
We provide all transportation.
What type of lunch do you offer judges?
Lunch, back in the day. Morris & Essex continues this tradition.
At Morris & Essex judging stops for lunch
and everyone eats together. This adds to the
ambience of a wonderful day with dogs. I wish more clubs
Do you have a suggestion for a judge’s gift that will be appreci- ated?
We have a beautiful book, The Golden Years of Show Dogs,
would do this; everyone likes the One of the trademarks of the original Morris & Essex show was the custom of suspending all judging for a lunch hour and pro- viding exhibitors with a free box lunch. Through the generosity of some of our members, that tradi- tion will continue in 2020. No prepackaged stuff here, the lunches are prepared early (very, very early) on the day of the show. In 2015 we served 4,190 box lunches. Come and enjoy yours.
Do your Club members pitch in?
We get support from every single
member. As Show Chair it’s im-
perative to assess fellow mem-
bers’ skills as to where they are
best suited. Some guys will offer
to drive golf carts but would be
far better used in other positions.
A lot of time people will volun-
teer for jobs that aren’t a good fit.
The Show Chair needs to look closely as to who is best in which capacity.
note. I again thank Mr. Ferguson for his time and for his con- tribution to our world. When we were blessed with Wayne, we truly got a Best In Show.
Most importantly: A Show Chair must always remember that these are volunteers, they are devoting their time to the sport they love. Showing appreciation is of utmost importance.
216 • ShowSight Magazine, noveMber 2019
Most importantly: A Show Chair must al- ways remember that these are volunteers, they are devoting their time to the sport they love. Showing appre- ciation is of utmost importance.
which seems to be a big hit. Some Clubs have purchased them for their judges’ bags.
Anything else?
Cooperation between clubs will be our salvation. I am totally available to any show chairman who needs help. What’s your favorite part of the show? From the beginning to the end, I really love the show day itself. I love to ad- mire all the dogs in the Group ring be- cause that is the refinement of the large entry. When you look at those Groups and realize how many they defeated, you cannot fail to be im- pressed.
But my biggest thrill of all is seeing young handlers—or an adult with his first win—come out of the ring with a smile on their face and a ribbon flap- ping. That makes it all worthwhile. n
And let’s leave it on that wonderful

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