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In Honor of Breeders
Catherine Blatz, Summerhill Dachshunds
In the not too distant past the dog Breeder was held in high esteem. It was an honor to be considered a Breeder. Pedigree Dog Food advertised its product as the food of choice of Top Breeders. The AKC touted the Breeder as the BACKBONE of the pure bred dog sports.
There were always puppy producers out there but they were never considered Breeders. Breeder said it all, the word needed no qualifiers.
Slowly, over time, the Animal Rights extremists changed the language of the dog world. Pets became companions. Owners became guardians. People were told
  Tthey bought from a Breeder but adopted from a shelter or rescue.
he AR movement
puppy producing kennels and labeled them "Puppy-Mills". Pictures of these sub-standard kennels proved to be a tremendous money maker for the AR Movement. Rescues and Shelters joined with the AR movement trying to convince the pet loving public that buying from a Pet Store or Hobby Breeder increased the suffering in "Puppy Mills". Adopt don't Shop became the new mantra.
True breeders tried to distance themselves from "Puppy-Mills". They called themselves responsible. They raised their puppies with love and care. Puppy's parents were members of the family, were show champions and health tested. These breeders were always available to their puppies and puppy buyers.
Today even the most dedicated breeder is hounded by the AR extremist, whose ultimate goal is the elimination of all companion animals. Organizations like PETA and HSUS campaign for legislation to make any breeding illegal or to make permits so expensive that very few can afford one. AR organizations want all companion animals de-sexed so there will be no new pets.
True breeders, who pour their hearts and souls into their dogs, struggle to survive the AR onslaught. True breeders still breed the best to the best. They stay up day and night with their moms and new babies. They spend hours, days and weeks handling and socializing their puppies. They agonize to find just the right home for their precious pups.
These Breeders need no qualifiers, they need not make excuses. They are BREEDERS. They provide a valuable service to the future of their chosen breeds and to the pet buying public.
Will these wonderful home breeders survive the AR agenda of eliminating companion animals? Will the minds and eyes of enough animal loving people open to see the truth behind the AR propaganda?
That is up to you. It is up to each of us to learn the truth behind the slick ad campaigns. n
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