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Joseph Neil McGinnis III
Each October we are presented with what most consider to be a world-wide phenome- non. Since inception, Montgomery County Kennel Club has perched comfortably on the top of many people’s favorites list. I know it’s up towards the top of mine. I think I’ve been there in every kind of weather—and in Penn- sylvania, in early October, that can mean anything—but the two things one can always count on are spectacular dogs and a fair-like atmosphere. If you can’t have fun at Mont- gomery, you don’t have fun in life.
Competition is so tough that every ribbon looms larger than normal. As a learning ex- perience, it’s unmatched. As a sporting expe- rience, it’s exciting and action-packed. And as a Sunday outing, it sure beats brunch.
Some history from the horse’s mouth seems ap- propriate here. The 400-plus page catlogue tells us this:
“The year 2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Montgomery County Kennel Club. The Club has never wavered from its original con- cept and has, since its founding, held shows ex- clusively for Terriers. The fact that the event is listed as an all-breed show limited to Terriers per- mits the club to provide Group competition and a Best in Show award.
“Through the years, MCKC has grown steadily in entry with world-record-breaking turnouts, no small compliment to the drawing power of the show and the support and interest of fanciers of the Terrier breeds. These fine entries are in large measure due to national breed club specialties held each year in almost all breeds, together with national specialty support in other breeds. Fur- ther, geographical representation is nationwide, with a strong Canadian contingent and visitors from around the world. Truly, the Montgomery County Kennel Club event has becme the mecca for terrier aficionados—a show one annot afford to miss if interested in a terrier of any breed. “The Montgomery County Kennel Club salutes
and thanks all exhibitors and all Terrier specialty clubs for their
loyal and continued support—support that every terrier breeder and owner so richly deserves.”
Unlike years in which the day was frigid, or beastly hot, or icy, or muddy, this year started out gloriously; the rain which steely skies forecast held off until the moment that Best Bred By competition began, and continued on through Group/Best. Nobody really complained. Nobody left. Every- one shrugged good-naturedly. It’s that kind of show.
The popularity of this show and the support it receives are the envy of all, and a source of pride to every fancier, re- gardless of group affiliation. And it’s a huge celebration with a happy-go-lucky air regardless of temperature or precipita- tion. To prove it, I got a shot of Beth Sweigart showing ap- preciation to Club President Bruce Schwartz and his team. I also have to express appreciation to Royal Canin for provid-
Joseph Neil McGinnis III
Photo: Susi Atherton
 ing the ponchos which started looking better the more it
Photo by the editor
started to pour. This gift to exhibitors saved many people’s day—my own included. Thank you, ladies and gents.
On a somber note, the fancy has incurred great loss in the last few weeks. We’re heartbroken to report the deaths of Gretchen Schultz, Keegan McFadden, Darrell Hayes, and Bill Usherwood. Our thoughts go out to family and friends. We all feel this loss.
I’ll see you at the AKC/RC show in Orlando in December. Until then, stay well, stay happy, and when you say “Stay” to your dogs or loved ones...I pray they do.
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