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                  Blaze and I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the incredible journey this year has been. There are so many special people who have made this year pos- sible. Thank you to all the wonderful judges who encouraged and rewarded us in our owner handled quest. Thank you to the kennel clubs who have offered us the opportu- nity to compete in the AKC NOHS at their shows. Without your support of this program, Blaze and I would never have been able to pursue our dream of competing.
To our coach and mentor, Elizabeth Volz, who challenged us with each trip around
the ring to be a better handler and team, I am forever grateful for your continued faith in us. Thank you, Jason Starr and Laura Coomes, for always being willing to offer handling tips, advice, and encouragement. Blaze and I have been so fortunate to make new friends with many amazing owner handlers and their outstanding dogs. Their friendships and stories have inspired us. Thank you, Beverly Childs, Dot Izmirlian, Anne Thorne and Susan Townsend for the great comradery in and outside the ring.
A very special thank you to Meg De Fore, my Torrid Zone co-breeder and dearest friend, for always believing in me and Blaze and for giving me the chance to work with this spectacular girl.
Most importantly and always first in my heart, thank you to my wonderful husband, Fred, for taking care of everything at home while we traveled to shows and for cheer- ing us on when you could.
You all have played a huge part in making this year possible for me and Blaze. We couldn’t have done this without you.
Looking forward to seeing you in the ring,
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