Page 178 - ShowSight, March 2020
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                I’VE HAD IT!
Iam so sick of watching the Papillon in the show ring because I am seeing Papillons the size of Chihuahuas. I also hate the little Pomeranian faces on the Papillons. Judges and Breeders are not reading the standard. I am going to go over the faults being shown as correct. Please, if you read
this, make a note of what to watch for. You are the the breeder! Judges are not to fault judge, but if they see a fault or even poor quality, let it be compared to others in the ring. Compare and then choose. Breeders should do this as well. They should do it just like a judge does it.
I am starting with the head since this is the Hallmark of the breed. Too many judges tell me that they can decide after they look at the head. No, that is only a part of the whole dog. The Butterfly appearance is important, but it has to be detailed.
Let’s look first at the movement of the dogs as they go around the ring. The standard is very specific when it states Quick, easy, graceful, not paddlefooted, or stiff in the hip when moving. There is no lifting of the feet. They should be trotting with good extension.
Now, put them on the table for the judge to check bite, ears, etc. Scissors bite not over- or undershot. A reminder here that older Specials and Veterans may lose some teeth. Note the stop and size of the muzzle. This is a narrow muzzle. Now check ear placement to see the angle is 45 degree and not 90, and at the same time feel the tips, they should be round, not pointy. The head is slightly domed. Still on the table go over the body, topline and tail set. Body is slightly longer than tall. Check the legs for soundness and placement. The feet should be thin and elongated, not cat-like. Check the tail set as well. The tail should be well arched over the body not lying flat. Finally check the coat. It is single and a true test is to take the long side coat, lift it up and drop it. Single coats will fall back nicely but double coats will stick out on the side. While doing this check the texture. Texture should be soft and silky. Coverage should be ample, but is not to touch the ground as in the Maltese. Ear fringes are not to be so voluminous that they take away the “Butterfly” appearance. Carefully read the exact way to trim legs, etc. Now, down on the floor and checking movement down and back. Watch for good leg placement during the exercise. Toes neither bow out nor toe in.
Now evaluate and compare with the other dogs in the ring. Are you satisfied with what you see and know is correct? Also we have an influx of Papillons from other countries. They often have Standards that differ from ours. Do some research on this. Another thing you can check is the Winners in the last century and compare with today.

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