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                Tim: Cesky Terriers are a great family pet that can do so many other things like going to ground, hunting and pack type events.
Do these numbers help or hurt the breed? Holly: I’m not sure they have significance. Your breed is where the popularity is. Right now many people don’t even know the breed exists.
Is the Cesky Terrier a hunting dog and what are its prey? Holly: Yes they are an earth type dog that hunts. They are a dog who hunts in packs. They mostly hunt fox, rabbits, duck and other small game. They can even hunt wild boar in a pack.
How does the Cesky’s physical appearance aid in his hunt- ing? Holly: Even with their short legs they are fast and have great maneuverability. They attack from front and back to confuse their larger prey until the hunter gets there.
What ailments does the breed suffer from, if any? There are eye and heart issues. The American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Assn, our AKC accredited national breed club, has guidelines for testing. As a breeder, we follow these guidelines to breed better Ceskys. Hope- fully in the future we can breed this out with careful practices. All in all the breed is healthy.
Is the Cesky, despite its hunting nature, a good house pet and is it comfortable around children? Holly: Absolutely! They’re mel- lower than a typical Terrier. They can be standoffish with strangers and protective of owners. They’re good watchdogs. They do train well and want to please. They love to destroy toys. So you can- not give them anything like a plush or latex toy. They will eat and destroy it in seconds. We use nylabones. This also goes for your house if you do not crate train. You can’t leave them out when they are young. Best thing is to not chance it and crate them when you are gone. They have to be totally trustworthy or they will have the time of their lives destroying your furniture.
Tim: They are extremely easy to live with and the great thing about them is they are pack animals so will get along with other animals easily.
Can the Cesky be left alone with food in abundance? They are chowhounds! You have to control how much they eat. I can imagine they could eat themselves to death if left with an open bag of food. They are like little Hoover vacuum cleaners in that they eat really fast. You think maybe they are still hungry, but you can’t over feed them or you will be endangering their health.
Can the Cesky have soft or moderately soft toys? Absolutely not! You may end up at the emergency hospital.
Are there any misconceptions about the breed we’d like to dis- pel? Tim: Ceskys are a great family pet and get along with others!
What special challenges do breeders face in our current econom- ic and social climate? Tim: Education about what a great all around part of the family they are.
Holly: I’m not sure economics is a factor. Education is a key fac- tor in any breed to find the right dog for prospective owners. With social media a huge factor, pet buyers need to do more research about breeders. Make sure they buy a dog from a responsible breed- er. Same for a show prospect.
At what age do we start to see definite signs of show-worthiness? Holly: Tim and I start watching our puppies from the time they are up on leg. Most evaluations start at eight weeks. But the Cesky is a slow maturing dog. We continue to evaluate up until 16 weeks on some.
What is the most important thing about the breed for a new judge to keep in mind? Tim: Topline is an essential part of the Cesky essence!
Holly: I believe with new breeds admitted to AKC, a judge should look at what the breed club is stating in the standard. Like Tim says, topline is the essence of the Cesky outline. Need to dif- ferentiate this from high in the rear.
What’s the best way to attract newcomers to our breed and to the sport? Tim: Through education and meeting these intelligent and fun little dogs.
Holly: Education is a key to attracting newcomers to the breed. But also being a good mentor for those who express interest. Learn- ing pedigrees is one of the hardest things you can do. In this day and age of careful breeding this is important. You cannot do this by yourself. So good mentors are a key to helping newcomers. Also, the newcomers need to also understand they need guidance.
What is our ultimate goal for the breed? Tim: To remain healthy and have good temperaments.
Holly: To have happy, healthy Ceskys in pet homes for people to enjoy these lovely dogs.
What is our favorite dog show memory? Holly: My favorite memory is winning breed at Westminster. But especially winning with a dog you bred. That is really sweet!
Tim: Going to Cesky days in the Czech Republic, meeting and getting a puppy from a breeder in Russia.
Best thing is to not chance it and crate them when you are gone. They have to be totally trustworthy or they will have the time of their lives destroying your furniture.”

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