Page 315 - ShowSight, March 2020
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                              IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH NEIL McGINNIS III
  Joe. How can you describe Joe? Brilliant smile, huge heart, businessman, dog lover, great singer and the list could go on and on.
My late husband, Edward, and I met Joe and Duane over 35 years ago in Spartanburg S.C. Joe was showing a Black Pug. Duane quite liked Edward, and Joe, a nut like me! It was friendship at the first hello.
We visited their home in Lakeland many times. They had two geese they named Charlotte and Edward. The geese continually messed on the front porch and we laughed ourselves silly cleaning it off day after day. We were there when they got their first cow. I was stunned! A cow for Peke breeders? Just didn’t get it.
One year Joe was Judge’s transportation for the Lakeland Kennel Club and—typically Joe—we arrived in a white limo driven inside the building.
We were in a bar in New York one year, imbibing, when all of a sudden Joe had the mic belting out “New York, New York”. He brought the house down, needless to say it was a long evening. Joe, dear Joe, they broke the mold when they made you, my friend.
Since the 70s I’ve written for Holly Meir’s TheDog, Liz Hooeyman’s Canine Chronicle, and Rick Beau- champ’s Kennel Review, but I was never more honored than when I became part of the ShowSight team in 1998. When we lost Duane, it was a horrible milestone and I feared for the future of the Doll McGinnis pub- lications. Joe and AJ and many of you other writers didn’t let that happen. We are even stronger today with the traditions and the focus that made ShowSight the premier dog magazine, but we will never be the same without Joe, his love for people, dogs, and Broadway. There is no tribute big enough to match the heart and personality of Joe McGinnis, but he lives on in our hearts as well as our memories.
After moving to Florida almost 14 years ago I found myself working for Joe and Duane after applying for a job through a temp agency. I call it fate as I can’t believe I was able to stumble into a job about dogs, when I myself, loved dogs so much! I didn’t know much about the dog show world, but thankfully I had a great teacher. I am sure over the years I asked Joe “dumb” questions, but he was never one to brush them off. He explained anything in great detail and made sure I understood, as the dog show world was his passion and he loved sharing his passion. Joe and I worked side by side over the years and many times he called me his right hand. A few years ago when we moved out of the office space and I started working from home I didn’t see Joe near as much, but we talked most every work day either by phone or text. Our phone conversations hardly ever started with work, it was always how is your mom, how are your many do you have now? Even our last conversation just a month ago we talked about Poodles, then work! I’ll cherish the many conversations we had. He will be missed!
As the dog show world mourns the passing of this magazine’s founder and Editor Emeritus, Joe McGinnis, I can’t help but marvel at the legacy he leaves behind. So many of us in the dog show world have treasured histories with him—myself included. A thousand words won’t bring him back, neither will a thousand tears. Instead I will just say this...for all of us who knew him, we’ll be mourning and celebrating Joe’s great life and joyous spit for years to come. God speed my dear friend. You will be missed.

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