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                              IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH NEIL McGINNIS III
   My family and Joe go back to the late 1980’s, when we were in the midst of campaigning Working, Hound, and Toy breeds.
I don’t know exactly how we were introduced, but it was easy to see we would all became lifelong friends. Besides having a love for our dogs, we also had a love for other animals—livestock. Next to spending time with Joe at the shows, many hours were spent on the phone, with my Mom and Joe, laughing and talking about our beloved dogs, goats, horses, and cattle, on where our next shows would
be, or just having heart to heart conversations about life.
With all of us getting older, our devoted friendship experienced another level of trust—the heart-
break of losing our loved ones. Over the years, Joe became our confidante—a member of our family, one we could all rely on. Joe would always be the friend to say to us, “If you need anything—just call me.” It rang true every time when we needed another opinion, he was there.
My family and I will miss his smiling face and his positive outlook on life. We will continue to think of all the incredible things he made known into this world, the beautiful memories that were created by it, and the love of his friendship he brought into our lives. Whenever I saw Joe, he always reminded me how much he loved me. May we all be in each other’s company again. Love you always, Joe!
If I had to describe Joe McGinnis in one word it would be, genuine. Not a fake bone in his body. Always speaking truthfully about what he thought, and he would listen intently to your thoughts as well. That is what made him a great journalist and friend. He had the best smile along with the kindest heart. His pas- sion for our sport was evident in every aspect of his life. I always felt that sharing the knowledge of experts, reporting the history of our sport and breeds, therefore educating his readers, was his top priority. He made a difference. His dynamic personality was one of a kind, and always with that wonderful smile. Gene and I have the utmost respect and admiration for Joe, he is one of the finest treasures in our sport. The void left with his passing will never be filled, but the impact he made on our sport will be everlasting.
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