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                Mocha and Bindi.
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Davis and Dixon, California, then moved to Shelton, Washing- ton, 30 years ago. Best move ever!
Do you come from a doggy family? If not, how did the interest in breeding and showing purebred dogs begin?
No, we had a cat! But my parents thought it was time to add a dog to the family and, as my dad was a firefighter, a Dalmatian it was. They knew he need- ed to go to obedience class and the trainer thought he was a nice dog so sug- gested we take him to a fun match. Off we went on Mother’s Day, he won a first place and the rest is history!
Who were your mentors in the sport? Please elaborate on their influence.
You know, I really did not have mentors as I was just a kid when I got started in dogs, but I sucked info from anyone who would let a kid ask questions. Les- lie Earl took me to most shows, matches and seminars. We went to a lot of seminars back then because we did not have shows every weekend. I worked for Doug Bundock and Sharron Curry and to this day, much of what I do and how I manage my dogs comes from the summer at the kennel and assisting them for several years at shows. One seminar I consider a life-changing event was a Hound seminar I attended. Rachel Page Elliott, Dr. Quentin LaHam, George Bell, Pat Trotter and many wonderful dog people were there. They seemed very happy to see a 16-year-old kid asking questions. I will never forget asking Pagey Elliott about upper arm. I just did not get what she was saying in the >

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