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                 LINES FROM LINDA
Flying into Chicago O’Hare in February caused me to worry! The city’s usual snowy, cold winter weather could cancel my flight. It would be devastating to miss judging the Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Specialty Show. Even worse, I would not get to judge the club’s annual Homemade Dessert Contest!
My fears were for naught! Club President, Cheren Waller, welcomed me at the air- port bringing wonderfully warm, sunny weather! During the drive to the Marriott she delighted me with stories of showing Shelties under my father, Roy Ayers, when the breed was still part of the Working Group. My trip was off to a perfect start!
Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Specialty held their first club meeting during the Chicago International Dog Show. Several years later their first Specialty Show and Obe- dience trial took place on June 18, 1966, at the Barrington Park District Field House. Club officers were as follows:
Mrs. Alane Gomez Now Judge
Vice President
Mr. Gerald Carey
Presently a Lifetime Member
Mr. Charles Hessler
Recording Secretary
Mrs. Judith Barnett
Corresponding Secretary
Mr. Sherman R. Hendrickson
Board of Directors
Mrs. Marjorit Bennett Mr. Al Lubin
Miss Ardis Lubker
Mrs. Barbara Thompson
Show Secretary
Mr. Fred Lenz
  Brian Cleveland
June 17, 1955 - March 4, 2020
By March of 1963, the club published its very first newsletter called Inside CSSC, edited by Sherman Hendrickson of Tiree Hall Shelties. By June 15, 1963, members put on their first CSSC B and OB Match in Libertyville with an entry of over 70 Shelties. Mrs. June Korenko, Bagerton Kennels of Ohio, was the breed judge. Ten dogs were entered in Obedience, judged by Mrs. E. M. Roster. Taking home the ribbons that day were Moribrooks Royal Heritage for Best In Match and Classic’s I’m Invaluable was the High Scoring dog. By November 24, 1963, the club’s new Constitution was adopted.
By October 10, 1964, at Quaker Oats Farm in Libertyville, the first A and OA Match took place. The entry was 57 dogs with 61 entries.
The third specialty was held at the Kane County Fairgrounds on June 8, 1968. Sweep- stakes were added and exhibitors proved it to be an instant hit with 31 entries.
Mirroring the first and second shows, again this was another five-point major. The Sweeps entries continued to be huge all through the ‘60s to the ‘80s, with as many as 50 plus Sweeps entries. In the ‘90s entries began to decrease.

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