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                Mary Szczurek surrounded by her daughters, Stephanie and Grace.
Young handlers Chrissy Thompson and Tommy Photographer extraordinaire Lynda Beam Linda Guihen was a panelist Giancinto won my heart! kept things rolling between the morning and for the Breed Discussion Group.
    afternoon specialties.
    Len and Linda Kunicki admiring the wonderful t-shirt quilt created and donated by Sue and Ralph Niedzweicki for the American Shetland Sheepdog National raffle.
The Oakview Pet Resort in Wauconda is today’s show site for CSSC and it is the per- fect place. Two specialties were judged on Saturday, March 29, with yours truly, Linda Ayers Turner Knorr, judging the morn- ing show and the club’s favorite son, Brian Cleveland, judging the afternoon event. On Sunday, March 1, Marjorie Tuff was the breed judge.
When I realized Grace Szczurek would be judging the Sweepstakes on Saturday morning, I was beyond thrilled! She was a young Junior showing under me in years past. To see her all grown up, gorgeous and still contributing so much to her breed and the sport is a dream come true. Pam Korcek judged the Sweepstakes on Sunday.
Chicagoland’s current officers are: President, Cheren Waller; Vice President, Penny Brcichi; Recording Secretary, Karen Schaubel; Corresponding Secretary, Con- nie Giancinto. Board Members include Dr. Vana Bowen, Loretta Lazzara and Heidi Peterson.
When Life Member Linda Kunicki con- tacted me requesting that I judge the Best Dessert In Show contest, I quickly replied, “YES”, as I feel highly qualified for this competition! I later learned that this special event was won by her mother, Rose Zielin- ski, two years in a row and it continues to this day in honor of Rose.
For over 25 years, Rose Zielinski was mainly in the Sheltie world as “The Raffle Lady”. From 1987 until 2013, she sold raffle tickets to many at the annual CSSC shows and at the 1997 ASSA National. At first, Rose just did this as a volunteer for seven years. Then in 1994, CSSC honored Rose for her service by making her a Life- time Honorary Member. Even in 2014 and 2015, when she could no longer attend the shows, she had to know the results. Rose wanted to be sure that “regulars” continued to purchase raffle tickets. Even though Rose couldn’t be there in person, she was there in spirit!

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