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  In the first three months of 2020, Simba was exhibited in 19 events. He was awarded 17 Best of Breeds, one Specialty Breed and two Selects that earned him his Bronze Grand Championship. He would be recognized in strong group competition ten times, including four Hound Group firsts!
Thank you to these judges for their recognition:
Mr. Richard D Albee
Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman Mr. Hal T Biermann
Mr. Eugene Blake
Dr. Norbert Dee
Mrs. Terry Dennison
Ms. Laurel Deptuch
Mrs. Gloria Geringer
Mr. Rodney Herner
Mr. Robert Hutton
Dr. Steve Keating
Dr. Eric Liebes
Mr. Vincent A Indeglia
Mr. David Miller
Mr. Ken Murray
Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones Mrs. Paula Nykiel
Mrs. Janice G Pardue
Mr. Frederick R Vogel
Dr. Carol White-Moser
“It’s important to always look where you’re headed rather than where you were!”
—Rafiki from The Lion King
We look forward to resuming activity in our beloved Dog Sport as soon as it’s possible... Our thoughts to all for a safe resolve to everyone in the fancy!

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