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                 GCH Larcan’s Encore for Lady Liliana
 Owners: Renee & Larry Glick Owner/handler: Larry Glick
 Thank you to breeders
Lisa & Robert Sobon of Larcan Lagotto for their guidance, friendship, and dedication to this amazing breed.
Thank you to our “Larcan Family” for your support and enduring memories.
Special thanks to these judges for their recognition of our beautiful Lily: Mr. Gregory A. Anderson
Mr. Michael Faulkner
Mrs. Linda M. Riedel
Mr. Robert J. Shreve
Ms. Dianne Kroll
Dr. Steven D. Herman
Mrs. Judith A. Brown
Mr. Juan Miranda
ms. Judy A. Harrington
Mrs. Danelle M. Brown
Mrs. Anne Katona
Ms. Gloria Kerr
mr. David B. Swartwood
Mr. Thomas Nesbitt
ms. Lori L. Nelson
Mrs. Carla M. Mathies
Ms. Sharol Candace Way
Mr. Richard J. Lewis
Dr. Jill Warren
mr. John Bink
Mrs. Claire (Kitty) K. Steidel
Ms. Kathryn A. Cowsert
Mr. Wood Wornall
Mr. Chuck Murray
Mr. James A. Moses
Mrs. Suzanne Dillin
Mrs. Patricia E. Robinson
Mr. Grant Townsend
Mr. Fred C. Bassett
Mrs. Judith V. Daniels
ring photos by Ricky Helton

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