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Linda Kratz, Sue Baldwin, Trisha Valdivia and those attending the SDCC specialty shows continue to mesh together like one big, loving family.
Janine Walker-Keith and Anne Cross are in charge of the magnificent trophies for the weekend. Challenge and Memorial tro- phies have been handed down through the years by many of the Collie world’s great- est contributors; Glen Twilford, James E. Pearson, Dale and Janine Walker-Keith, Les Hutchins, Al and Helene Forthal, Elaine Goto-Tamae, Tomie Goto, Cecelia Fouty, Dr. and Mrs. William Broken, Jack and Lynda Powers, and Anne Cross. John Bud- die’s Collie book, Master Class was awarded for Best of Breed wins at two of the four shows. It is thrilling to see these treasures displayed, but the memories attached to them bring the greatest joy. Photographer Randy Smith seemed to be everywhere cap- turing photographs of the winners.
Friday’s morning and afternoon shows went on in perfect weather for Sweepstakes
Judge Lynda Powers and Connecticut’s famous Collie couple, Judges Bob and Sally Futh. Exhibitors were treated to lunch on Friday and Saturday hosted by Club Presi- dent Dale Keith, Jack Powers, Gloria Laube and Erin Matthews. Yummy!
On Saturday, I arrived to judge the first of the two specialties and was greeted by Sweepstakes Judge Gene Mills who was waiting for a break in the rain so he could begin.
Jackie Caruso judged the late afternoon show. Exhibitors were grabbing umbrellas as the tents covering the priceless trophies and the long-awaited Keith’s famous chili—and the 70th anniversary cakes—were sagging.
Luckily, I had heeded the advice of my father, the late all-breed judge Roy Ayers: “Always take rain gear when judg- ing a dog show, no matter where it is or what the weather forecast may be.” Thank you, Daddy!
The unusual weather for only one afternoon didn’t dampen the spirits of those of us blessed to be together in Carlsbad to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the San Diego Collie Club. I put my arm around the soaking wet Janine Walker-Keith and we were, as Arthur Freed wrote, “Singing In The Rain!”
          CHEERS TO 70 YEARS!

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