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Let’s talk about the World’s Greatest Terrier Show, Montgomery County Kennel Club. Since its first event was held in 1929, “Montgomery” has been a must-attend destination for any serious Terrier fancier. Every autumn, breeders, owners, handlers and judges from all over the world gather in a beautiful corner of Southeastern Penn- sylvania to showcase their dogs, exchange knowledge and ideas, and simply have a blast together. I say have a blast because, every time I’ve attended, never have I witnessed anything as beautiful, positive and enjoyable as this one- day event.
Montgomery County isn’t just home to one big Terrier competition. Its distinct role as host to dozens of National Specialties makes it unique among the world’s celebrated dog shows. The club’s international panel of judges draws large entries in most breeds, including many of the current top-winners and the next generation of hopefuls. Breeders make the pilgrimage too, some coming from as far away as Eastern Europe, South America and the Far East. Everyone and anyone “in Terriers” wants to attend Montgomery!
These days, getting large entries isn’t easy. However, the officers and members of Montgomery County seem to get the job done. How do they do it? I think they achieve their goal through operational excellence, encouraging exhibitors to smile as they keep the competitive attitude on-point, and by encouraging “positive vibes” that seem to resonate throughout the show grounds. Montgomery manages to stay true to its traditions even as it responds to the latest developments within our sport. This is why the show has continued to be a destination for so many, year after year.
I take my hat off to “Montgomery” and to every Terrier person who has ever attended this show. I would also like to encourage anyone who does not have a Terrier to go to this memorable and rewarding event at least once. I am confident that you will benefit from the experience. However, if you are unable to be in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, on October 6, please visit Montgomery County’s Facebook page and be sure to read SHOWSIGHT Magazine’s November Edition where you’ll enjoy our big post-Montgomery showcase.
Currently, we are working hard to produce a large Terrier Group Feature that will be published in September. This showcase edition will be distributed at All-Breed shows through September and October and will be available to the fancy during “Montgomery” weekend. If you are an owner, breeder, handler or judge of the Terrier breeds, please contact us. We would love for you to join us as we celebrate all things Terrier!
Lastly, I encourage every single kennel club to spread the word about all that you do to make your show a destination. To share the good news about your club’s event, please email us at or call 512-541-8128.
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