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                              IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH NEIL McGINNIS III
 or 29 years Joseph Neil McGinnis III and I communicated a conser- vative average of one dozen times per day via call, email, chat room, instant message, text and FaceTime. Time certainly advanced, tech- nology shifted – a mixed bag of tools to keep us informed and con-
nected, and we embraced them all. The basic math tells me that we had 127,020 points of contact, at a minimum, that changed our lives and made us both better men. Add in our road trips and visits and hangouts and life events... we merely grew in appreciation and dedication to one another. We came to understand.
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
It is no surprise to us all that Joe McGinnis was special. Known for his flair, generosity, drive, and commitment to his causes, his single greatest attribute was that of being a true friend. As our depth of understanding and mutual align- ment grew over the years, so too came our deep awareness of each other’s hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations, joys and passions. Over these years I grew to know the depth of his commitment and love for his family, partners and his extended friendship circle and, even more importantly, his passion for the world of dogs. We shared and relived the stories. And we always laugh. Mostly, I would marvel at his ability to find deep joy in the happiness and success of others around him. Joe was happy when all of us were happy.
It is not the hole that has been temporarily left in our hearts that should be impacting us now. It should be the joy and the unconditional love that filled our hearts and lives when Joe was connected to us through the years. He fundamen- tally changed us, or at least most certainly me. And we are all better humans for having known him and shared him in our lives.
Godspeed, my dearest friend. I love you. You are always with me.
There is so much to want to write about Joe that it’s impossible to even start.
All his talent(s) are legendary in any area he chose to involve himself—and there were many. I know others in those interests that overlapped each other and we all shared the enthusiasm and positive energy he brought to life in all these forums.
Joe was like a human kaleidoscope—tall, thin, and when you looked “in” every turn offered a different wonderment of color and beauty.
I don’t know if I will every meet a more positive person, who in this a crazy world had every reason to be anything but—One of the best ways for me to honor him and our great times over 40 years, will be to try my best to be more like him.
No one loved his friends, the arts and the Dog Sport more than Joe—we will miss him terribly.

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