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 Brian Cleveland would have enjoyed the lively conversations between the pan- el, members and exhibitors. When he left the show after his judging assignment, no one knew that would be his last dog show. Brian’s over 50 years in the dog world came full circle as his participation in the sport began and ended with the Chicago Shet- land Sheepdog Club. Brian passed away four days later on March 4, 2020 at age 54.
As a young teenager, Brian was intro- duced to the sport through his aunt Helen Hurlbert of Willow Wand Shelties, an early member of CSSC. After losing his mother when he was only eight years old, his mom’s siblings, George, Doris and Helen gave him the love and support he needed. He credited his uncle George with teaching him about character and integrity. His aunt Helen was Brian’s inspiration for his life’s purpose and passion as she introduced him to the world of Shelties and the dog show ring.
Brian dedicated his life to breeding for quality over quantity. His Voyager Shelties produced many champions. He was also a judge and an active member of the Ameri- can Shetland Sheepdog Association, serv- ing as a Board Member and in many other capacities over the years.
When Brian judged Best of Breed for the ASSA National Specialty in 2018, it was his second ASSA National judging assignment. (1994 was the first.) He was thrilled when the club honored him with a Life Mem- bership for his dedication to the breed and for being a role model for young people in the breed.
Brian Cleveland with Linda Ayers Turner Knorr and Judy Cooper, at what turned out to be Brian’s last judging assignment. He passed away a few days later.
Cleveland served as Show Chairman for the ASSA National Specialty when it was in Libertyville, Illinois near the home of his beloved CSSA. Working beside him as his Assis- tant was CSSA member Linda Kunicki of Starlite Shelties. Brian was also a Life Member of CSSA.
Brian is survived by his dearest friends, aka family of choice, Marty and Jodie Gabriel. He was a proud “Dog Show Dad” to Stephanie, Grace and Nicole Szczurek who gave him the joy of continuity in his life’s work and he was grateful to their mother, Mary Szczurek, for her friendship and support.
If you would like to honor Brian Cleveland in a very special way, contributions are being accepted by the American Shetland Sheepdog Association for an award in Brian’s name.
  Happy 90th Birthday, Bobbie Fairbanks, Azalea Hills Collies, Greenville, South Carolina.
The last time our nation was stunned as we are now was after the tragedies follow- ing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and again following 9/11. Then as now there was a pall over the nation. We are afraid, lost, uncertain. The part that makes these times so challenging is the uncertainty of it all. It is nearly impossible to not get lost in worry and anxiety.
Because this current challenge, like all before, will eventually pass, let us ask our- selves this question: Will we emerge from this experience stronger and better? While we cannot change what is happening with this rapidly spreading Coronavirus, we can control how we react. We must not lose ourselves in worry. May we not be weakened, but instead challenge ourselves to become stronger.
While we cannot control the impact and length of this situation, we can control how we react to it. Let us count our blessings and draw closer to our friends and loved ones. I pray that we will endure and come forth victorious when we reach the other side. While our sport faces challenges during these unprecedented times, may we remain unified through our faith and band together in the face of this global health pandemic.
One of the dog world’s greatest ladies is celebrating her 90th birthday this month! Happy birthday, Bobbie Fairbanks, Azalea Hill Collies!
Having never slowed down, when dog shows resume, Bobbie will be there with her two young male Collies pursuing more titles! On with the show!

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